not, a representative towards Uk artist advised the brand new news and you may push that they have been definitely not dating

You to definitely big date is at a new york pub, Elsa, in which a hot air magazine journalist saw her or him delivering cosy into the an excellent ebony area, and several other inside it bringing later-evening milkshakes. Once more, afterwards that exact same 12 months, if you find yourself speculations ran rampant regarding the Chris’ relationship with actress Jennifer Lawrence, the guy met up having Alexa.

The old rumours flared up again, this time suggesting he ended things with Lawrence and attempted to come back with his ex. It appeared that these rumours soon came to an end, and nothing serious ever developed between Chris and Alexa.

Even after several highs and lows and you can facing difficulties, the happy couple made they owing to two years off matchmaking

In 2015, rumours involving Australian pop star Kylie Minogue surfaced. This followed after paparazzi photographed the pair taking a late-night stroll in the maiotaku isim deÄŸiÅŸtirme streets of London. Of course, Chris and Kylie have always been good friends, and Chris holds the writing credits for Kylie’s popular son ‘Every Day’s Like Christmas’. According to a representative of Kylie, the two are not dating, and they maintain a platonic friendship.

Following the his separation regarding Paltrow, Chris shifted and you can old numerous lucky females, exactly who range from the ‘Cravings Games’ celebrity Jennifer Lawrence, and you will Uk celebrity Annabelle Wallis.

After the brief and quiet relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, which lasted for just four months, things between them ended as quickly as they started. Due to the quick and secretive nature of their relationship, gossipers could only speculate about the reason for their split. While some believe that they never made a good pair because of their conflicting personalities, others suggested that their relationship simply ran its course. Whichever may be the case, most reports indicate that it was Jennifer who did the dumping.

Later in 2015, Chris started seeing ‘The Tudors’ actress, Annabelle Wallis. The couple made a public appearance in Paris, France, displaying some serious public affection, and in no time rumours splashed tabloids abroad. Then, after months of courting, Chris seemed to have lost interest as their romance abruptly cooled down.

For the moment though, as of late 2020, Chris is assumed as solitary, or at least unattached, and contains didn’t come with most other current dating

A bit later, the two was watched along with her again, and you will rumours advised that they is getting back together. What happened ranging from Annabelle and Chris remains a puzzle, however their close affair didn’t last very long. Soon later on, gossipers once more claimed the british stone superstar becoming single.

As of 2017, Chris has been dating ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress, Dakota Johnson; they met after being introduced by mutual friends in October of that year. In a revealing interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Gwyneth admitted that she absolutely adores her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, but in 2019 Chris reportedly split from Dakota, but with no given reasons for their break-up, speculation suggests it was because Dakota was not ready to have children.

Shortly after this split, rumours surfaced that, good heavens, he kissed Dua Lipa backstage at the Glastonbury festival! Both Dua and Chris denied the rumour, claiming that they never kissed and are only friends. However, because both had recently become single again, gossip writers were having a field day, publishing rumours about the Coldplay frontman and the ‘New Rules’ rising star.

Who the guy works out dating next, or if one reconciliations is afoot, just time will inform. Admirers might not need hold its inhale for too long.

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