In of 1 of the most typically considerable US decisions in LGBT history, federal marriage equality, lesbians are ultimately absolve to get hitched. But what about all of the single girls? Through lens of many wise, diverse lesbians, the official launch of the award-nominated documentary,

Lesbian Diaries

, supplies an honest, fresh look at relationship as an individual lesbian.

This documentary, created by film maker Lex Hefman, shares the powerful and touching stories of lesbians navigating the singles scene and depict a reputable look at the facts of dating amidst an oversexualized, glamorized media depiction of lesbian tradition. By countering misconceptions about women who date females,

Lesbian Diaries

uses the encounters of real women to discuss racism in online dating, personality disorders, dependency, cheating, experimenters, matchmaking as an adult woman, and online game members.

We got to meet up with Lex a few days before the documentary’s release which you yourself can see a preview of here

Understanding Lesbian Diaries about & exactly what created you to definitely develop this documentary?

The lesbian Diaries is an emotional deconstruction of lesbian dating and additionally a look at the overarching tradition and problems increasingly being skilled from the world. We have been taking a look at the pitfalls of internet dating and blunders that many lesbians make in the process of picking partners and going for tips on how to enhance their approach. Besides we are analyzing some of the adverse fashions in LGBT society that have appeared through the years. Given that gay marriage is actually appropriate – we need to change all of our attentions some other aspects of the community to make sure positive development in all aspects plus improvements in the system of your scene.

Will there be whatever you heard throughout the interviews that astonished you?

Yes, I was undoubtedly surprised to listen concerning quick decline of lesbian taverns internationally – there are just 4 remaining in Ny and 1 in san francisco bay area – that has been fairly unfortunate and surprising. I was additionally shocked to discover that discover any such thing labeled as TERF lesbians that are trying to exclude transgender people from town, as well the growing pattern of racism for the world.

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What exactly are you a lot of worried about for the future in the area?

I am worried your potential area will likely be thus divided by brands that lesbians of most kinds wont be combined. This will reduce the many females around and offered or the potential for satisfying a potential lover. Also I am concerned that recent target appearances is actually overriding analyzing further qualities, and this women cannot take care to re-evaluate their unique method to internet dating. Interracial matchmaking seems to be a large concern from the lesbian scene – in that not so many females carry out or desire to practice it. This is a far cry through the heterosexual world.

And just what could you be most stoked up about? Do you think we will take good devote a couple of years?

I’m excited that becoming homosexual or lesbian isn’t really frowned-upon as much as in the past. In a lot of places globally, the audience is becoming accepted and are getting the capability to be free about exactly who our company is and who we love, in public. There is even more try to performed. But we’ve got begun the move forward that I feel will continue.

Will we become observe whichever follow-up to Lesbian Diaries?

Probably we’re able to check additional elements, but this will be determined by the overall performance within this basic documentary.

Where are we able to find out more information or follow you?

The documentary will be on the

10th of December


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